Twenty to Eight 2008

Chor.Sasha Waltz.
Radial System Berlin, Germany .

Travelogue I – Twenty to eight, “the first part of the” Travelogue trilogy “, 1993 was the first work by Sasha Waltz with her own company The piece -. A dance journey through inner space – became quickly become a huge success and laid the foundation . their career with humor, aggression and sensuality Sasha Waltz drew a picture of the present, which had lost over the years, none of urgency and relevance., a dance classic in December 2007 “Travelogue” has been adopted with great success by a new generation of dancers.

“The dancers fall with the door into the house, the walls go up, make use of the space on the refrigerator in dispute, and suddenly it becomes clear: This piece is as fresh as 15 years ago …”
Sandra Luzina, 21.02.2007, Der Tagesspiegel

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