SINK Dance and sound Performance 28.04/ Radial System

Two performative sound objects and a dancer joining together in a dialogue. And from here it becomes an event of synchrony and asynchrony, in which man and automaton embark on an exploration of time and the ego.
In the interplay between resonance and counterpoint, the individual voices interchange eachother, the main voice transforms itself into second voice – who leads, who is led?
The human utopia of stasis confronts the irrevocable mobility of time.
The own voice becomes a repetitive sound event that enters into dialogue with itself.
Who am I? The voice of the body, the voice of the sound
SINK: A contrapuntal (collective) sound, a contrapuntal (collective) dance. SINK: getting into the depth.

Choreography: Maria Colusi (ARG),
Music and sound installation: Edgardo Rudnitzky (ARG)
Costum: Beate Borrman (GER)
Light Designer: Emese Csornai
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