Sink Premiere / Soundance Festival 2018

Sink/ Premiere
Simultaneous and asynchronous universes influence each other by fading the precise edges, creating a new topography between the obvious and the mystery of the invisible.
Object as extension of the body, movement generate sound, music transforms the body.
The transitory mater of the body is altered by the persistence of time.
Tanz: Maria Colusi (ARG),
Musik/ Klangobjekt: Edgardo Rudnitzky (ARG)
Kostum: Beate Borrman (GER)

The soundance festival Berlin presents and initiates collaborations between internationally renown musicians and dancers from Berlin’s freelance scene and further invites international guest artists.
With its main focus on real time composition and improvisation, the festival fosters a dialogue between sound and movement, serving as a platform for further development, networking and experimentation between instrument, body and voice – open to both analog and electronic sounds.
The festival explicitly curates pieces which evolve from non-hierarchical working processes, developed through a direct dialogue amongst the artists themselves. In addition, the festival fosters exchanges amongst artists of different generations.

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