From Repertoire towards Improvisation Vol.3 by Maria Colusi 2017

The workshop is targeted at experience dancers and performers who are interest in a depth meeting with the lenguage of Sasha Waltz repertoire.
The participats will lern about where ideas and impetus of the movements come from through a phisical, emotional and expressive journey lead by Maria Colusi dancer and choreographer who works with Sasha Waltz for more than 13 years .
The learned vocabulary will be trigger to create new material in an improvisation frame.

Date:13.-17.November 2017
Time : 10.00 -14.00h
Place : Radialsystem V/ Studio A- 5th floor
Holtzmarktstrsse 33 -10243 Berlin
Lenguage: English
Fee: 160 euros –Eary Birds 120 euros
Please send a short Bio.
More info and registration:

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