Hunting Shapes Practice Improvisation 2016

Hunting Shapes – Practice Improvisation
by Maria Colusi
Dates: 18.01 – 22.01.2016
Time: 12.00 – 15.00h… Ver más
Tatwerk Berlin
Hasenheide 9
Gewerbehof – Aufgang 1, 3. OG
10967 Berlin
Price:100€ Early Birds: 80€ until 04.01.2016

This Workshop offers practical and creative tools through touch and imagination to generate and percieving movement .
Is an ongoing experimental journey where time, breath and weight are prioritized, in order to experience the fact of being grounded and be present.
The practice of listening and following our own interests .What is in our background? How we embody ideas through shapes? Sensing the feedback between mind and body we can empower and enlarge our way of dancing.

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