Research Workshop Attraction and Repulsion 2017 DOCK11

Lead by Maria Colusi

This workshop is based in a physical and emotional exploration under the concepts of ¨Attraction and Repulsion¨.
Is a reflexion about how these forces move us towards or against people and ours selves .
The class is divided in two different parts:
1- Focus in warm up the body through different improvisation tasks to build up the awareness and the connection to the space and to the people.
2-Impro-sessions: we will use the improvisation as a tool to generates choreographic scores either individually or in groups with the aim to improve the dialogue between the shape and the content discovering new ways of doing, dancing and thinking the movement.
To close the workshop we will use all the choreographic scores in a performative frame to share with the public the process of the workshop.

Dates: 15-17.05.2017

Time: 10.00 am till 14.30 pm

Location: Dock11, Studio 3

Fee: 110 Euro
Language: English

1. Please send a mail of interest and Bio to
2. You will receive an email with the request to pay 50€ to reserved your place in the workshop and the rest of the payment of110 should be done latest 12.05.2017

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