Carlos W.Saenz 2003 festival KunstenFESTIVALdesArts, Bruselas, Bélgic

Cruel torture of the soul, an inexplicable sorrow, a poisonous worm that consumes body and soul and corrodes the very heart, a perpetual executioner, a continual night, a deep darkness, a whirlwind, a tempest, a fever that does not appear, that warms more than any fire, and a battle that has no end. It mortifies more than any tyrant; no torture, no flagellation, no corporal punishment is like it."
Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy
Direction: Alejandro Tantanian with Ernesto Berardino,Hendrik De Smedt. Music: Edgardo Rudnitzky. Voice:
María Marta Colusi & Luciano Suardi