Premiere: 2002/ Porton de Sanchez ,Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Cine Quirúrgico "is an apocryphal documentary, around the life of Dr. Posadas, his films, his writings and the accounts of his successors, which come together with pettiness and fervour that we could qualify, at one point, as classic profiles of a strong component of our identity.

Directed by: Edgardo Rudnitzky Text: Alejandro Tantanian Actors: Javier Lorenzo, Rubén Szuchmacher

Setting: Oria PuppoScenography: Jorge MacchiLighting: Jorge PastorinoSound design: Edgardo Rudnitzky

Choreography: María Marta ColusiSetting assistance: María Celeste VenicaCostume assistance: Mariana TirantteDirection