2015 Premiere: 03-04.09.2015 /DOCK 11 GmbH

Concept: Maria Colusi - Edgardo Rudnitzky  / Choreography and dance : Ayaka Azechi - Maria Colusi /Drawing: Kazuki Nakahara
Sound Installation: Edgardo Rudnitzky /Light Design: Catalina Fernandez /Graphics: Philipp Dümcke / Production: Inge Zysk

´Topo¨is an interdisciplinary, multicultural project with two dancers, one sound artist and a visual artist from Argentina and Japan. It

is created in the field of tension between the cultural roots of the artists and the reality of life of migrants in Berlin.

Supported by The Governing Mayor of Berlin Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs

Photos: © ryu oyama