Querandí“ is the inquisitive, sensual search for feminine energy and common ground in Latin American and indigenous roots. It is reminiscent of an ancient circle, as if you were watching a ritual ceremony. Each dancer has her own language; her own movement that seems to inhabit their body. And yet each could be the other, trying to merge. The choreography finds an expressive dialogue in the depth of the artists’ heritage, shared rhythms of emotion, and the power of nature. The work reflects both vulnerability as well as self-conscious strength, and the dancers’ intimacy is enhanced with their energy and common understanding as artists and women.

Choreography: Maria Colusi & Florencia Lamarca

Dance: Maria Colusi & Florencia Lamarca / Valeria Busdraghi & Emmanouela Dolianiti
Music: Edgardo Rudnitzky
Light Design: Catalina Fernandez
Costume: Federico Polucci

Duration : 48´min
Premiere in Dock11 2017
Performaces : DOCK11- DORKY Park, Berlin - Studio 29A, Greece - Centro Artistico Gratacielo ,Italy        

Photo: Dieter Hartwig